Soziale Verantwortung

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement and Commitment

1. Statement of Social Responsibility
Xiamen Golden Egret, as a world-renowned supplier of tungsten powder, cemented carbide and cutting tools, has been committed to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. We firmly believe that providing a healthy, comfortable, free and progressive working and living environment, combined with a good training system, is conducive to employee innovation, technological innovation and enterprise development.
As a responsible company, we implement the "safety first" action policy, take proactive measures to reduce safety risks, and ensure compliance with corporate social responsibility, business ethics, occupational health and safety, labor rights, energy management, sustainable procurement In other respects, it can achieve long-term and effective sustainable development.
In order to improve suppliers' awareness of corporate social responsibility, according to our company's social responsibility policy, the following principles and requirements are listed.
2. The company makes the following commitments:
1. All business activities should follow the principles of integrity and fairness, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and carry out in accordance with the local business practices; any form of illegal and illegal behavior is prohibited.
2. Never use child labor and prohibit forced labor, and do not accept any suppliers or subcontractors who use child labor or forced labor.
3. Respect workers' freedom and basic human rights, prohibit any form of forced labor, and prohibit any form of degrading behavior.
4. Provide safe and hygienic working and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees.
5. Promote labor-management cooperation and respect employees' freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.
6. Provide reasonable wages and benefits, and at least pay employees in accordance with the benefits stipulated by national laws.
7. Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discrimination.
8. Reasonably arrange the production plan, and reasonably arrange the working hours and rest and vacations of the workers.
9. To protect the rights and interests of women, women enjoy equal employment opportunities with men except for the types of jobs or positions that are not suitable for women as stipulated by law. It is forbidden to arrange female employees to engage in taboo labor prescribed by local laws.
10. Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards and comply with local environmental management.
11. Make every effort to ensure that suppliers can meet the requirements of social responsibility within the company's control and influence.
12. Promptly take corrective and remedial measures for any non-conformity that violates corporate social responsibility.