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Xiamen Golden Egret Cleaner Production Launch Announcement

Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd. Cleaner Production Start Announcement


1. Basic information of the company

1. Unit name: Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd.

2. Unified social credit code: 91350200612005486Y

3. Legal representative: Wu Qishan

4. Production address: No. 1601, Jiji Road, Tong'an Industrial Concentration Zone, Xiamen City

5. Contact: 0592-7890035

6. Business scope: 1. Production of tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, cemented carbide, tungsten alloy, tungsten deep-processed products, cobalt powder, mixed material, alloy powder and other metal powder materials, refractory metal materials and oxygen; 2: Powder Production of metallurgical machinery and electrical equipment.


2. The Company's Cleaner Production Development


Now I have received the "Notice of Fujian Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Announcement of the List of the First Batch of Enterprises Implementing Mandatory Cleaner Production Audit in 2022" (Min Huan Ke Yuan Cai [2022] No. 12) and "Xiamen Tong'an Ecological Environment Bureau on Promoting 2022" "Annual Compulsory Cleaner Production Review Work Notice", our company will start the first round of cleaner production review, from planning to implementation, it is expected to carry out cleaning review within 1 month, and this round of cleaner production review is expected to be completed within 8-9 months.