Lean Production Phase II 6S Projekt: Jährliche Zusammenfassung und Belobigungskonferenz

【Brief description】 Am Morgen des 30. Juni hielt unser Unternehmen die jährliche Zusammenfassung und Belobigung des Projekts Lean Production Phase II 6S ab. Tang Weigen, Wang Shuwei, Li Peixin, ein Team von technischen Experten und Beratern, Zou Jianping, stellvertretender Geschäftsführer des Unternehmens, Ouyang Qi, Leiter der Abteilung für Unternehmensführung, und Su von der Abteilung für Betriebsführung. An dem Treffen nahmen sowohl Manager von Lishui als auch Projektleiter und wichtige Projektmitglieder verschiedener Geschäftsabteilungen teil. Den Vorsitz führte Wu Tong.


On the morning of June 30th, our company held the annual summary and commendation meeting of the lean production phase II 6S project. Tang Weigen, Wang Shuwei, Li Peixin, a team of technical experts and consultants, Zou Jianping, the company's deputy general manager, Ouyang Qi, manager of the enterprise management department, and Su of the operation management department. Managers of Lishui, as well as project leaders and key project members of various business departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wu Tong.



At the summary meeting, Yang Bin, the project manager, reported the completion of the company's 6S project in the past year, the project goal was completed, and the challenge goal was completed.






Afterwards, Lu Boshi of the Powder Division, Lv Jinxing of the Alloy Division I, Chen Jinxing of the Alloy Division II, and Chen Qingneng of the Chip Tools Division respectively reported the completion of the 6S project of the division this year.

After the report, individuals and teams with outstanding performance in the past year were commended at the meeting. The manager of the operation management department, the lean consultant team and Mr. Zou presented awards to them.











Afterwards, tutor Li Peixin first made a comment, and highly praised the company-level 6S project team of the second phase of Lean Yi, and continued to promote the project in various activities and meetings, and achieved remarkable results; then tutor Wang Shuwei made a comment and put the 6S The achievements of the activity are summarized into "four ones" (one force, one growth, one consciousness, one system), and "five mechanisms" are used to comment on the main points of the continuous development of the 6S project, which are: team mechanism, Responsibility mechanism, line inspection mechanism, communication mechanism, atmosphere mechanism; when Lean expert consultant Tang Weigen commented, he affirmed that the Lean Phase II 6S project was done solidly, and put forward 14 breakthrough points for the upcoming Lean Production Phase III 6S , involving all aspects of catering factory clothing, including the planning and layout of the new factory in Haicang.



Finally, Zou, the project commander, put forward four requirements for the results obtained in the second phase of the 6S project of lean production. The first is to consolidate the existing achievements; the second is to continue to improve; the third is to involve all staff; the fourth is to integrate 6S activities with daily work.      

So far, the annual summary and commendation meeting of the second phase of lean production 6S project has been successfully concluded. We believe that with the strong support of the company's leaders and the guidance of the lean consultant team teachers, through the participation of all members of the company, continuous improvement, and continuous efforts, we will forge ahead in a new journey and write a new chapter.