Wuhan University of Technology and our company carry out cooperation and exchange meeting on co-construction of laboratory projects

【Brief description】

On October 30th, the Xiamen Golden Egret-Wuhan University of Technology Co-construction Laboratory Project Cooperation and Exchange Meeting was held in Xiamen Golden Egret Tong'an Factory.


Participants in this exchange include: Guo Shunsheng, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Wu Chaoqun, Zhou Bin, Deputy Dean, Zeng Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Zhijie, Deputy Director of the Experimental Center, Wang Li of the Academic Affairs Office, and Zou Jianping, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Golden Egret , General Manager of Cutting Tool Division Zou Lingli, Manager of Material Technology Department Lin Liangliang, Manager of Tool Technology Marketing Department Lin Fengtian, Product Manager Fan Yaodeng, Product Development Manager Wang Jiewei, Assistant Manager Wang Jue, and Chen Xiaohui, Wang Kan and many other Wuhan University of Technology alumni participated in this exchange.




First of all, Zou Lingli, general manager of the cutting tool division, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and teachers of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Wuhan University of Technology, and said that Golden Egret has attached great importance to the development and construction of talents over the years, and constantly improved the talent management system to provide employees Provide a platform for self-improvement and display of talents. General Manager Zou Lingli also briefly introduced the development history of our company to the guests, and led the group to visit the new workshop of the indexable tool manufacturing department.



Then, the leaders of our company held a symposium with the leaders and teachers of Wuhan University of Technology. Wang Jue, assistant manager of the product development department, firstly introduced the school-enterprise joint laboratory development project, which was selected based on the needs of Xiamen Golden Egret and the advantages of Wuhan University of Technology. The starting point of the project cooperation is to make the connection between enterprises and schools more closely through project cooperation. On the one hand, the enterprise helps the school to cultivate the quality and ability of the students, and on the other hand, the school supplies high-level talents for the enterprise to achieve a win-win situation.



At the exchange meeting, Dean Guo Shunsheng of Wuhan University of Technology said that he was pleased with the rapid growth of many Wuhan University of Technology students in Golden Egret, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to our company for the care and training of alumni employees. Facing the rapid development of Xiamen Golden Egret, Dean Guo suggested that our company further strengthen the cooperation with industry benchmarking enterprises, and broaden the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, schools and enterprises. He also wished our company to be prosperous and make a leap-forward breakthrough.


At the end of the meeting, Zou Jianping, deputy general manager of the company, made a summary of the meeting. He said that through this exchange, Wuhan University of Technology had a better understanding of our company. It is hoped that the company and the school will promote the exploration of more cooperation models and enhance the connection between the school and the enterprise.


At the end of the laboratory exchange meeting, leaders, teachers and alumni took a group photo together in the exhibition hall on the first floor of the comprehensive building. In this regard, the exchange meeting of Xiamen Golden Egret-Wuhan University of Technology co-constructed laboratory came to a successful conclusion.



Text/Photo: Chen Qiaoling, Materials Technology Department

Review: Lin Liangliang, Material Technology Department

Typesetting: Office Guan Zexin