The First Party Branch of Xiamen Golden Egret held the "Five Ones" Party Building + Brand Project Launch Meeting

Release Time:2022-08-14 10:15


In order to better implement the company's party committee deployment requirements of "strengthening party building, strengthening organization, promoting operation, and increasing efficiency", further highlighting the leadership of party building, promoting the overall improvement of party building work, and effectively promoting the organic integration of party building and production and operation, on July 1, at the company Under the correct leadership of the party committee, the first party branch of Xiamen Golden Egret held the launch meeting of the "Five Ones" party building + brand project. The meeting was presided over by Long Benfu, Secretary of the First Party Branch of Xiamen Golden Lu, Lin Gaoan, Member of Xiamen Golden Lu Party Committee, Xie Qichao, Director of the Office, and all members of the First Party Branch attended the meeting.



Before the kick-off meeting, all party members stood up and sang the national anthem.




First of all, Lin Gaoan, member of Xiamen Golden Lu's Party Committee and general manager of tungsten powder business department, mobilized and encouraged. Mr. Lin mentioned that since its establishment, Xiamen Golden Egret has overcome all obstacles and dared to be the first, creating one miracle after another in China's tungsten industry. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China, the First Party Branch took this opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the great mother, and at the same time held the launch meeting of the "Five Ones" party building + brand building project. He emphasized that the tungsten powder business department is a team with weight and glorious tradition. He hoped that the follow-up young team will continue to do well, become better and stronger, and continue to show the responsibility and actions of Golden Egret people in the new era. Push China's advanced manufacturing to contribute its own strength. Finally, he gave a detailed introduction to the connotation of the "Five Ones", which represent a flag, a role model, a blueprint, a red heart and a promise respectively.




Afterwards, the project commander, Mr. Lin, took the flag from Xie Qichao, a member of the company's party committee, and solemnly presented the flag to Long Benfu, the project chief. Under the leadership and supervision of the company's party committee, the "Five Ones" party building + brand building project was officially launched.






After the flag-giving was over, Long Benfu, the general manager of the project, awarded the cards to the heads of the three sub-projects respectively. Then, the leaders of each sub-project presented the "Party Member Pioneer Post" to all party members, hoping that all party members would dare to show their identities, fulfill their commitments, be pioneers, and set an example, so as to inspire all party members, cadres and workers to establish a sense of alignment, find gaps with the advanced, and stand on the ground. We strive for the vanguard of positions and work together to build the "Five Ones" project.



Finally, in the oath of the branch secretary Long Benfu, every party member raised his right fist and solemnly made his own commitment in the face of the party flag: "I swear to firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and earnestly study Xi Jinping's new era of China. The socialist ideology with characteristics, not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission, focusing on party building, concentrating efforts, seeking development, doing real work, and striving for the top, going all out to complete the five-year development strategic goal of the division, and striving for the early realization of China's tungsten cause. !"

This kick-off meeting ignited the red engine of the "Five Ones" party building + brand building project, and also showed the determination of the first party branch to overcome difficulties. All party members will go all out to do the project construction work with full spirit , to welcome the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with excellent results.