Do not forget the original intention and mission, and forge ahead together in a new journey - the seventh party branch held a party member meeting and party class study

Release Time:2022-08-14 10:25

On June 29th, Xiamen Golden Egret's seventh party branch held the second quarter party member meeting and party class study in Tong'an factory area. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Lin Liangliang, secretary of the party branch. The branch theme practice activities are arranged in three parts to be carried out.




First, Lin Liangliang, secretary of the branch, shared the party lessons, with the theme of "Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Forge a New Journey - Welcome the 20th National Congress of the Party with Excellent Results". He said that as a qualified party member in the new era, we must have the courage to take responsibility and act, practice our original aspirations, undertake our mission, and actively promote the great spirit of party building. In addition, he also shared and summarized how to play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in combination with the new era and new environment.




Then, the branch organized the party members to celebrate their political birthdays, and Lin Liangliang, the branch secretary, presented birthday cards and red notebooks to the representatives of the party members. In addition, Secretary Lin also led everyone to face the party flag to review the oath of joining the party. with responsibility!




Finally, Chen Qifeng, a member of the cultural and sports committee, introduced the arrangement of the theme practice activities of the branch in the third quarter, including the study of red scenic spots, volunteer activities, etc., to further enrich the party building activities and improve the sense of mission and responsibility of party members.

Through this party member meeting and party class study, everyone has a further understanding of the party's 20th National Congress, and further strengthens the party members' belief in not forgetting their original aspirations and keeping their mission in mind. It is believed that in the new era and new environment, the party members and comrades of the seventh branch can play a pioneering and exemplary role, have the courage to take responsibility, dare to act, contribute to the high-quality development of the company, and present the party's 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.