Re-walking the Long March Road, Inheriting the Long March Spirit - Remembering the Party Day Activities of the First Party Branch

Release Time:2022-06-28 14:27

During the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the main force of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army evacuated from the Soviet areas in the north and south of the Yangtze River. In October 1934, after the failure of the fifth counter-encirclement and suppression campaign, in order to get rid of the encirclement and pursuit of the Kuomintang army, the Red Army, the main force of the Central Committee, was forced to implement a strategic transfer, withdraw from the central base area, and go on the Long March.



In order to inherit the red spirit, learn the wisdom of advancing and the courage and strength to overcome difficulties from the history of the party, on the morning of October 26th, the first party branch of Xiamen Jinlu organized party members and comrades to go to Shishan, Haicang, Xiamen to carry out "re-walking the long march, Inheriting the Soul of the Long March” theme day event. Lead party members to remember the glorious deeds of their ancestors, strengthen party spirit education, review the Long March road, inherit the spirit of the Long March, further enhance the patriotic awareness of party members and comrades, and strengthen their enthusiasm for work.



learn to bandage

After arriving at their destination, all party members immediately changed into Red Army uniforms. After putting on the red army uniform, the whole branch was full of energy. Then, under the guidance of the instructor, the party members learned a series of activities such as simple military training, camp opening ceremony, field rescue team, etc., to prepare for the next "Long March"...



Before the "Long March" set off, branch secretary Long Benfu led all party members to review the party's oath to the party flag: "I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, abide by the party's constitution, fulfill the obligations of party members, and implement the party's decisions..." . Word by word, sonorous and powerful, sacred and heroic, especially the mood of wearing the Red Army uniform and reciting the oath to join the party, as if leading all party members back to the revolutionary period.



Visit the Red Cultural Corridor



Over the mountains

Next was the flag-giving ceremony. After the flag-raising ceremony, the party members and comrades took a neat step and resumed the Long March. Along the way, everyone sang red songs, climbed mountains and mountains, and felt the hardships of the revolutionary period. On the way, the instructor also gave everyone popular stories related to the Long March, such as climbing snow-capped mountains, flying over Luding Bridge, crossing the Jinsha River, and crossing grasslands. During the nearly two-hour journey, party members and comrades also visited red education bases such as the "Red Cultural Corridor, the Red Revolution Memorial Hall, and the Folk Museum", and learned about some little-known red deeds that occurred in Xiamen during the revolutionary period. I feel the hard-won happiness of today's life, and the greatness of the Chinese Communist Party.

Re-walking the Long March Road, although it was not the Long March Road of the year, I experienced the hardships of the Long March spirit of the Red Army. This time, with the theme of "ideological building of the party, political building of the army, re-walking the road of the Long March, and inheriting the spirit of the Long March", the activities carried out in combination with the red culture have cultivated the overall awareness and responsibility of the party members and comrades of the branch. At the same time, I further felt the hardships of the revolutionary period and the firm belief of the Red Army, and inspired the majority of comrades to continue to carry forward the precious spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work and not being afraid of difficulties in the future work.