Xiamen Golden Egret's "Party Member Tackling Action"

Release Time:2022-06-28 14:27

"Party member attacking fortifications" is the Xiamen Tungsten Industry Party Committee's continuous strengthening of party building work in the company's production, operation management and technological innovation. Under the background of encouraging the majority of party members and cadres to carry forward the spirit of "diligence and dedication based on positions, emergency services and emergency services", Taking Xiamen Golden Egret Company as a pilot project, the party building activities carried out by the backbone of the party members as the vanguard and the full cooperation of the staff have stimulated the entrepreneurial spirit of all officers and created greater profit space for the company.

The "Party Member Tackling Action" is mainly to carry out party building activities in the business department, department or party branch of Xiamen Golden Egret Company. It is guided by party building, led by the backbone of party members, and leads the employees to form a party member commando team to undertake urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy major tasks, and give full play to the role of the party branch as a fighting fortress in the process of advancing the task. effect.

In the process of tackling the challenges, Xiamen Golden Lu's Party Committee focused on the performance indicators of the company and business divisions, starting from product research and development, marketing, quality control, application services, inventory and logistics, etc., and established the branch on the business department and the party group in the department. superior. Select outstanding party members and cadres as department heads, and set up 9 "party member commandos" according to the goals of each business department. Each party branch carried out the "Party member attacking tough action" in the form of "Party member commando", combined with IPD's thinking to guide product planning and development, learned from benchmarking companies such as IBM and Huawei, and developed more market-competitive products. The IPD thought and development concept have penetrated into the consciousness of Xiamen Golden Lu's party members. With the pioneering model of the party member as the driving internal cause, and the IPD thought as the guidance, we will jointly promote the rolling forward of product development, production and sales. The company has successively carried out a series of special activities to improve efficiency and reduce costs, such as "international advanced manufacturing", "learn three steels, reduce costs", "practice internal skills and strengthen foundation", and set up efficiency improvement and cost reduction groups to focus on improving products. The completion rate of the manufacturing cycle and the product qualification rate provide a solid foundation for the rapid growth of product production and sales.

Through the implementation of the "Party Member Tackling Action", Xiamen Golden Egret's technology and management innovation has achieved phased results: tungsten carbide powder with good particle dispersion and concentrated laser particle size distribution has been obtained, and the metallographic structure is more uniform; the new structure CVD coating has been completed. The development and application of technology, the development of steel turning negative P series tools, the development of 3D/5D three-edged twist drills and other projects; the Golden Egret operation analysis platform SmartBI scene and SRM system functions have been improved, and a digital supply chain freight platform has been built , Successfully launched the MRO industrial product supermarket; improved the equipment maintenance management and R&D production level, and ensured the precision and automation of finished product quality management. Through continuous process improvement, the efficiency has been continuously improved, and the efficiency improvement has promoted the continuous reduction of processing costs. In the first half of 2021, the company's processing cost was reduced by 24.2086 million yuan, gradually forming a virtuous circle of "low inventory and fast turnover". Among them, the sales volume of powder customers in the main tungsten product industry has exceeded the annual target; the actual sales volume of the Alloy Division I increased by 48% year-on-year, the profit increased by 56% year-on-year, the sluggish inventory decreased by 33% year-on-year, and the total manufacturing cost reduction was 9.83 million. The output and sales of mining alloys, rotary files, precision parts, and lithium electric cutters of the Alloy Business Division II have increased; 80% of the grades can be converted into sprayed sheets through technical improvements; the sales revenue of excellent products accounted for 69.9% of the target, achieved 71.5% of the sales gross profit achieved the target, and 84.7% of the sales revenue achieved by strategic products.