Inherit the red gene and draw the power of red

Release Time:2022-08-14 10:07


In order to review the history, understand the constant connection and exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan, and feel the historical fact that the compatriots on both sides of the strait are in the same blood and build a beautiful home together. On June 22, 2022, the first party branch of Xiamen Golden Egret went to the "China Fujian-Taiwan Fate Museum" in Quanzhou to carry out the theme party day activity of "inheriting the red gene and drawing on the red power". This event mainly includes four parts: celebrating political birthdays for party members, party members taking oath, visiting museums, and learning about the knowledge contest of building a strong country.




On the occasion of "July 1st", in order to further strengthen the sense of purpose, identity and responsibility of party members, and guide all party members to deeply understand the original intention of red and learn the strength to forge ahead, the first party branch first held a "political birthday" for 8 party members. At the same time, under the leadership of the oath leader, he reviewed the oath of joining the party, and once again made a firm commitment to the party's loyalty.




Then, under the guidance of the docent, we visited two themed pavilions, "Fujian-Taiwan Edge" and "Cross-Strait Zheng Chenggong Historical Relics Exhibition". Among them, the theme pavilion of "Fujian-Taiwan Relationship" has seven aspects: ancient homeland, blood relationship, affiliation and common development, and co-development, etc., with solid material objects, documents, pictures and other materials, from geographical, blood, legal, business, cultural, cultural Based on the "five predestined relationship", it scientifically, truly, intuitively and vividly expounds the historical fact that Taiwan has been China's territory since ancient times, and the people of the mainland of the motherland and Taiwan compatriots are in the same blood and build their homeland together with brotherhood. In addition, in order to commemorate the 360th anniversary of Zheng Chenggong's recovery of Taiwan, a total of 120 pictures and 65 pieces (sets) of cultural relics were displayed in the theme pavilion of "Zheng Chenggong Historical Relics Exhibition on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait", including Zheng Chenggong's hair, shoe uppers and the first exhibition of Qing Dynasty. The clay sculpture is painted with the statue of Zheng Chenggong, which vividly restores part of Zheng Chenggong's historical relics.



Finally, in order to further promote the promotion and application of the "Learn to strengthen the country" learning platform and test the learning effect of "Learn to strengthen the country", the first party branch carried out the "Learn to strengthen the country" knowledge competition by "on-site answering questions". During the competition, everyone thought carefully , Actively answered, and achieved the purpose of the activity of "promoting learning with competition and doing with learning".

Through this visit and study, not only did everyone have a better understanding of the relationship between Fujian and Taiwan with the same language, species, and roots, but also strengthened the belief that the motherland must be reunified and inevitable, and enhanced the sense of responsibility and historical mission to maintain the reunification of the motherland.


Cai Guoqiang's Gunpowder Blasting Paper Mural "Same Language, Same Kind, Same Roots"